When I started Art school, a number of questions, such as what is Art and what is Beauty were asked? There never was a correct answer, it was meant to provoke a quest for meaning. We all wonder about the great questions. Why are we here? What is the reason for everything? Is there a God?

We always wonder why someone as brilliant as Einstein was trapped in a dichotomy of the big and the small. I accept the inability to comprehend, but still feel drawn to my own expression. The joy of life. The heart break of loss.

The images are a reflection of what I both feel and think of the world in which I live. If you receive some solace, meaning or connection to any of my imagery, then I feel it is all worthwhile. 

Abstract Figurative Relief Carvings and Paintings 

Chip  Starr

Le Bon Ton 12 X 22 July 2020

​                 ​Peter  Starr  Craig

Copyright Peter Craig. All Rights Reserved.


Le Bon Ton - Work in progress.

Welcome to Chip Starr. The images herein are abstract figures. The media is acrylic paint on wood. The wood relief carvings are done using a solid block of bass wood. Hundreds of hours go into each work.

After receiving a BA and MA in Painting from San Jose State University in the mid-seventies, I did art  as an on-again off-again thing. Now retired, I continue on the journey of the creative path.

Please contact me at: petercraigpeter@hotmail.com for more information. Please don't steal my images, contact me for permission to reproduce, etc.  Thanks for visiting....

Go easy,       Peter Starr Craig